Top 10 Benefits of Garlic

Garlic– a household name whose benefits are unparalleled! From the moment it was extracted and made known to the world in around 3200 BC, garlic has proved its many therapeutic benefits. Although it has always been the talk of the town because of the tales of its power, today there is a lot of research to back them up! So, let’s delve into this guide, where we will peel each layer of this bulb of garlic, revealing the top 10 benefits backed by science.

Top 10 benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Eating Garlic

1. Working Against Cold & Illness

Research suggests that aged garlic extracts– an extract that is made by soaking garlic cloves in a jar with an ethanol-water mixture for 20 years. It has been found that garlic contains essential compounds that seem to have the potential to increase your immunity by killing the pathogens responsible for the illness or cold.

They also have elements that are said to be effective in case of viral infections or diseases, like allicin and their derivatives, ajoene, allitridum and garlic in. So the next time you catch a viral infection– eat 2 raw garlic cloves before any means, which means an empty stomach which will reduce the effect of illness.

2. Controlling The Uncontrollable Hunger

For some, it is quite difficult to control their hunger and eat anything & everything to satisfy the insatiable hunger. Here is the scene, where garlic cuts in to make its presence known. Well, garlic has some real magical elements that indicate your mind & heart of your stomach being full upon taking up food that is high in calories.

This way, you are in control of your hunger and avoid overeating while simultaneously increasing your metabolism & energy due to its low-calorie constitute.

3. Blood Pressure Effective

As we have already come around to the component of garlic– allicin, let’s know about yet another great benefit. There are many situations in which a person is at high risk of getting their blood pressure to reach the limit of the sky. With the help of garlic, one can calm down their blood pressure to a normal level– less threatening to the individual.

Studies have proven that garlic supplements tend to reduce high blood pressure by 16 to 40 percent by limiting the production of a certain hormone called angiotensin II which increases blood pressure.

4. Lower Risk Of Heart Diseases

One of the reasons that contributes to heart disease is high cholesterol. There are two means of transport for cholesterol to enter the body, low-density lipoprotein (bad) & high-density lipoprotein (good). A study states that eating garlic for 2 months straight led to a reduction the bad LDL by 10 percent.

It is thus recommended to eat garlic for those suffering from heart disease and also others who would like to lower their cholesterol level. Do remember to eat them in a moderate amount. At the British Heart Foundation, dietician Victoria Taylor confirmed the benefits of garlic in heart diseases.

5. Detoxify

Now, when we talk about toxicity in our life, there are several things but when we talk about the clinical toxicity in our body, they include the most common headaches & high blood pressure. There was a study conducted on employees of the car battery plant where it stated that after consuming garlic, there was a 19 percent decrease in the lead levels in their blood.

6. Antibiotic Properties

Garlic plays a great role in controlling bacterial infection too. The garlic releases alicin when it is chopped to make delicious dishes. Imagine, if you consume raw cloves of garlic and chew it, then these allicins released in your mouth will directly attack the bacterial organisms and keep the bacterial infections at bay.

7. Improve Bone Health

A 2017 study states that eating 2 grams of fresh garlic each day helps to ease the pain of knee issues. It is considered to be especially true for women who have hit menopause and the afterparty. Try to consume at least one gram of garlic in a day and witness your bone health is improved and the pain is away from your joints.

8. May Cure Alzheimer’s Disease But Surely Improve Memory Power

While there are still more studies & research to prove the efficiency of garlic in curing Alzheimer’s disease (not entirely!), there are few studies on humans that favor the statement. Since the body requires its fair share of antioxidants that help to prevent any oxidative damage which can sometimes lead to cognitive decline, consuming 1-3 grams of garlic each day does not entirely cure Alzheimer’s disease but helps to lower the risk of it and increase memory power.

9. Performance Enhancing

There have been proofs from early ages where the laborers were fed cloves of garlic in order to increase their work efficiency by eliminating the fatigue from their bodies. Not only that, you can enter the world of exercising where you won’t get out of breath as consuming garlic supplements increases an individual’s oxygen capacity.

10. Live Longer

It’s time to turn the blessing of ‘may you live longer’ true with the help of garlic. With all these benefits lined up, it becomes incredible how it adds more & more life to your lifespan. There was a Chinese study in which the people who consumed garlic at least weakly survived longer than any other people. It is especially beneficial for older people as it helps to keep infections and illness at bay.

 Side Effects of Garlic

Apart from the fact that it gives bad breath, garlic can also be allergic to some. So, don’t start consuming it head start to ease your suffering. There can also be alternatives to these, you can talk to your doctor to find some. As much as we believe the idiom eye for an eye, it is not true in the case of consuming garlic for its multifaceted benefits. So, if you are suffering from any allergies or blood clotting issues, consult first and then take the necessary steps. 


We have always included garlic when a meal is cooked but it is rare for people to just consume it raw. We understand, you don’t want your mouth to smell all garlic-y but it is important if you want to live longer and to the fullest by avoiding any kind of infections and sickness. Many dieticians even recommend it. Because even if there is no one by your side at the time of sickness, garlic is and always will be.