100 Plus Diet Obesity

Weighing above hundred kilograms and being obese is a huge set back for the health. Obesity is root cause for many major diseases and disorders in our body. Some of the major health issues faced by an obese person are heart disease, strokes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Strict diets plans and work out regime helps in reducing the weight. But, the main problem lies in maintaining the reduced weight. The lifestyle of a person plays a vital role in their weight. There are various routine activities such as eating late dinners, not getting enough sleep or stress that may cause one to put on a lot of weight.

A Reg Dietitian Nutritionist Geetanjali Mengi who not only plan your diet but also plan the daily regime that has to be followed. She and her team ensure that they analyse the activity to intake ratio of the person and then plan their diet accordingly.

According to Geetanjali medical nutritionist clinic’s, maintaining a balanced diet is very important for weight loss. Reducing carbs totally leaves a reverse effect , as carbohydrates are also crucial for our body.

Our GMN clinic takes full responsibility of our clients and make sure they are assessed at the right intervals and variations in diet chart are made accordingly. This is very vital for  maintenance of weight in a health way.

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