Diet for Cardiac Diseases

Heart is the most crucial organ of the human body. The pumping of heart is absolutely essential for the healthy living of the individuals. Any complication related to this major organ of the body is known as heart disease.

The people suffering from heart diseases must follow a strict dietary structure. Heart disease is the leading health threat for both men and women in today’s world. When a person is diagnosed with cardiac disease, it can take an emotional toll on them as well as affect their quality of life. But that does not mean that you cannot protect yourself from further health damage.

Apart from exercising, being careful about what you eat can help you lower cholesterol levels, control blood pressure and sugar levels, and maintain a healthy weight. So this is where a REG Clinical Dietician Geetanjali Mengi comes into the picture.

Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi, provides you with a heart-smart diet for you, that can help you manage your cardiac condition and improve your overall health.

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