Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic is one of the leading and one of the best nutrition consultants in Mumbai. With an experience of 15+ years, Reg Dietician and Clinical Nutritionist, Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi pursued MSC in clinical nutrition and dietetics. Awarded with the best nutritionist award in 2012, she did BHSC in Applied Nutrition from the SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai, same college from where she went on to pursue her Masters in Dietetics. Having worked as a Nutritionist and also as a Clinical Dietitian at many hospitals in Mumbai, Geetanjali run her own clinic under the name Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic.

About Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic

Dietician and Nutritionist in Mumbai Geetanjali with 15+ Years of Experience runs her clinics in Mumbai at different locations Bandra, Santacruz, Dadar, Kemp’s Corner and Charni Road giving diet for Weight loss, Weight gain, Muscle Mass, Nutrition for kids, Obesity, Sports Nutrition, Medical Nutrition (Diabetes, Thyroid Problems, Hypertension, Low Blood Pressure, Anemia, Heart Problems, High Cholesterol, Suffering From PMS, Menopausal Problems, Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Kidney Issues (CKD , High Creatinine , Gout ETC), Pediatric Dietician, Liver Problem (Fatty Liver ETC), Corporate Nutrition

We have lots of online clients from different cities and other parts of the world whom we get connected via Videos and audio calls across time zones.

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Academic Details:

  • Masters Of Science In Dietetics And Food Service Management MSc. (DFSM)
  • Bachelor in Nutrition (ACEND)
  • Diploma in Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition, PGCE (Certified Diabetes Educator)
  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition Program, PG Certificate Course In Diabetes Education (PGDCE).

She believes that a healthy lifestyle can only be achieved with healthy or good nutrition. As a Ref Dietician Clinical Nutritionist, she believes that a well balanced diet filled with nutrients followed by regular activities will help people deal with loads of health issues like heart ailments, weight problems, PCOS, etc. At Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic clinic we explain our patients the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the role played by nutrition. Their main aim is to educate their patients on how to choose their diets wisely which will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

About Our Team 

Apart from being a successful Clinical Nutritionist and Dietitian, she is also an active member of the Indian Dietetic Association and holds a very positive image among her clients. Her clinic in Mumbai consists of other experienced, qualified, and well trained doctors, who cater to the needs of the people on a personal note.


The services provided at Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic are:

  • We provide their patients customized diets as well as exercise regime based on the patient’s medical history and also according to their needs.
  • At clinic we also offer healthy weight loss management technique. Here at Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic we believe in “Eating Right,” and not just focusing on losing weight. We provide our patients with diet plans which ensure weight management as well as meet all the nutritional needs of the body.
  • The next most interesting service is the Therapeutic Diet. With the increase in the occurrence of chronic diseases due to stress and unhealthy life habits, leading a well balanced life is a must. With the Therapeutic Diet service, are meant for specific patients. It helps them to deal with diseases like pancreatitis, heart attack, diabetes, High BP, thyroid, to name few.
  • Detox Diet is another interesting and beneficial service offered at our clinic. Detoxification of our body is really important nowadays. Considering the polluted environment we breathe in, this detox diet service helps in cleaning and purifying the internal organs from harmful diseases.
  • The next service offered at the our clinic is the “Prenatal Postnatal Diet,” meant for both the expecting mothers and the new mothers. Because in both the cases eating healthy is a must to keep the body fit and away from any kind of problems.