Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs : GMN “Wellness Program” is a unique initiative which enables organizations to use our expertise in healthcare to benefit their employees.

The program includes a comprehensive set of services that provide exclusive benefits to employees, help them improve their health and quality of life by Corporatedieticianinmumbai, and even boost their productivity.

For employers, the program promises reduced healthcare costs and an efficient and happy workforce. Wellness is the precursor to optimum health. Wellness is a continuous process towards achieving positive, transformation well being, and wellness completes health. A Comprehensive and Complete Employee Wellness Plan to improve productivity and life style related issues.

We take special care for organizing wellness programs which are very flexible and are customized depending on the needs of the organizations.

The programs range from Health talk, work shops, seminars, counselling, and consultations.
We have three types of packages:

In first package, your team or employees can come to our clinic, where we analysis all details for body composition with medical reports.

In our second package, our team can visit to your office prior to appointment and can provide diet chart to group of your employees.

we have third package where you can directly meet us online without leaving your office and home.

The Company
Geetanjali Medical Nutrition clinic (Gmn) is a renowned diet clinic established with the goal of preventive health care in the medical and Fitness Fraternity.

It was set up with its unique idea of addressing to the needs of the society in most metros as well as rural areas where diseases and disorders are rampant.

Gmn clinic functions with various well qualified and experienced dieticians under the guidance of the mentor senior registered dietician Mrs Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi (20+ years of expertise)

We at Gmn clinic empower the clients to take complete change of their health* and encourages them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Importance of Corporate Wellness Program in today’s world.
More & more corporate in today’s world are becoming health conscious. Due to long work day and constant multitasking, it is difficult to act on wellness goals, so by creating on-site wellness programs, it saves time, energy without disturbing your work. When you have healthy employees, your company reaps the benefits.

A correctly designed wellness program can increase productivity, boost morale and reduce stress. Wellness programs help employees make smart and healthy choices that can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish absenteeism. In general, the costs of implementing a wellness program are minimal compared to the benefits.

Lifestyle diseases can end up costing a company approximately 3.83% of its total income. Hence, investing in employee wellness is an investment in the company itself.

Proposal, Programs & Services for Corporate Wellness from Geetanjali medical nutrition Clinic
Stress Counselor-on-site
Dietitian talk on healthy diet and food choices in daily life for 20-30 mins
Physiotherapist talk on sitting, sleeping and other activities, correct posture in our daily life for 20-30 mins.
Stress Counselor talk on staying in the present for 20-30 mins. It is deeply rooted in the technique of meditation and helps to cultivate self-awareness and compassion
Doctor’s talk on preventive health diseases 20-30 mins.
Our Expertise Doctor, dietitian, Stress Counselor and physiotherapist will be talking on decided topic.
It will be a common session for company employees.
Talk will be for 20-30 mins followed by Q n A.
We give online support via phone calling, video conferencing and ask a question, via mailer to all. Employees enrolled in this camp for valid period of time.
All the employees will be listed to our health forum/ community discussion.
Creating awareness about Nutrition and Health among the employees.
Body Composition Analysis (BCA) of each employee with.
Ideal body weight
Body fat
Visceral fat
Body water
Muscle mass
Bone mass
BMI- Body mass index
BMR- Basal Metabolic rate
Waist circumference
Diet Recommendations for dealing with Weight Loss with one on one counselling.
Diet Recommendations for dealing with lifestyle diseases & other symptoms.

Weight Loss Program
Our weight loss diet* will help you to lose the fat mass in a healthy way without affecting your healthy lean mass. Our weight loss treatment includes two important steps, one is Assessment and other is management.
Weight Gain Program
A balance diet with good quality proteins high in carbohydrates and essential fats is imperative for muscle gain. We at Gmn clinic give weight gain diet plan* which involves right combination of resistance training and balance diet.

Diet for Maintenance
We suggest all our clients to have right combination of diet with regular walk or exercise and complete 7-8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate your body and maintaining weight is the most importance part in today’s sedentary life style by maintaining your efforts.
Diet for special population
In a special population program, we have many diet categories for,
 Diet for Infants (Weaning)
 Diet for Toddlers
 Diet for Teenage & Adolescence
 Diet for Pregnancy
 Diet for Lactation
 Diet for Post Menopausal Stage
Diet for Old age
Diet in Diseases and Disorders

 Diet for Brain Disorders
 Diet for Cardiac Diseases
 Diet for Gastro Intestinal diseases D
 Diet for Liver Disorders
 Diet for Renal Diseases
 Diet for Bone Diseases
 Diet for Cancer
 Diet for Diabetes
Diet for Hormonal Imbalance and Disorders

 Diet in Thyroid
 Diet for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS)
Diet for Sports and Fitness -Our sports dietician helps you in drafting a right chart for gaining lean muscles dropping body fat. Our plans* help you to achieve your specific goals.

 Diet for Sports & Fitness
 Diet for Gym lovers
 Diet for Swimmers,
 Diet for cricketers/Tennis players/Athletes.
• Physiotherapy- Specialised care (aging, disability, chronic care)
• Rehabilitation
• Exercise programs to improve body functioning and personal goal setting
• ‘Hands on’ manual treatment and key exercises to treat a range of muscular and joint problems.
• Back and Neck Pain
• Post-Surgical Orthopedic Conditions
• Arthritic Conditions
• Neurological Conditions
• Postural Evaluation
• Sports Injuries
• Joint and Soft Tissue Injuries (sprains/strains)
Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain and repair damaged tissues by optimizing the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you return to your normal routine*, be that work or sport, as soon as possible.
Stress Counselling
Mindful organizations represent workplaces which embrace mindfulness as a part of daily work life. Building such a workplace involves developing a healthy and a happy workforce, thus reducing the attrition rates and increasing employee satisfaction- both important indicators of corporate wellness.
We recognize the need for integrating mindfulness in organizations and have therefore, devised a robust, research-based program. Our program is also customize as per the company’s needs.
• Stress Reduction
• Anxiety and Panic Disorders
• Mood Disorders
• Self Esteem Issues
• Anger Management
• Eating Disorders
• Grief from the loss of a loved one
• Feelings of loss, loneliness and/or alienation
• Depression or lack of interest in life/every day activities
• Relationship problems with a spouse, boss or any one significant in your life
• Addictions and chemical dependencies
• Coping with life transitions such as a divorce, move or retirements
• Search for a deeper, existential meaning in your life
• Creates Collaborative Culture
• Improves Organizational Productivity
• Facilitates Self Enhancement

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