Diet for Teenage & Adolescence

Every teenager or Child is unique, some are fast gainers and others are slow.

Adolescence is a phase of life where we are not ourselves. There are a lot of changes that our body undergoes and these changes can be be both external and internal. The diet followed in the teenage should be extremely nutritional as many deficiencies and shortfalls can be developed during this period.

Reg dietician in Mumbai Geetanjali, suggest that teenagers should follow a right diet and not get prone to oily and junk food. Oily food and fried food are the greatest enemy for a teenager as it is the time when acne and pimples outbreak is frequent.

Teenage is the time of rapid growth and high nutritional diet is a must for every person be it a boy or girl.

Our dietician Geetanjali understand the body requirement of teenagers. Personalised diets will be provided after analysing the eating habits and food preferences of individuals.

We at Gmn Clinic helps your child to have a best start. We make such food intake chart sitting with parents to give good growth to Child.

Our biggest priority is that neither child gains extra weight not loses. We assure when you come to us, we take complete responsibility of child for his future growth while going to gyms, joining any athletics activities

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