10 Simple Tips To Stay Fit After 40

As we keep aging, the moto to remain fit and healthy becomes a bit difficult. From focusing on the career and family to finally taking time to focus on staying fit at the mid-age of 40, here are some essential tips. There are so many things that people follow these days and are trending in social media but the right ones are here listed just for you to simplify your life with these easy-to-incorporate tips.

Secrets to Remain Fit After 40

10 simple steps to stay fit after 40 year

1. Light Exercise

With these many endless options for workouts, it gets pretty confusing as to where to start. Rather than focusing on heavy workout routines, choose or build the one workout routine that you enjoy indulging in. It is because forcing yourself to the other factors like working out at the gym won’t benefit you and your body if it is against your will. There are alternatives to every workout like swimming, yoga, running and even trekking. Remember exercises do not need to be heavy.

2. Power of Meditation

From age-old times, meditation has ought to be one of the powerful ways to release any kind of stress. Whether we are small kids or an old person, life is always happening and to deal with the critical happenings in our life, even a five-minute meditation in the early morning helps to keep a healthy mental health and helps to tackle all kinds of situations with ease.

3. Good Diet

Habituating yourself with a healthy diet doesn’t mean hitting the gym and living on boiled vegetables. When it comes to having a good diet, it means creating a balanced diet a little far away from junk foods and close to the food items that add essential proteins, fats, small amounts of carbs and many more to create a healthy well-being. A good diet not only keeps you in shape and your body healthy but also gives you the energy to stay strong and fit on all occasions.

4. Regular Check-Up

It might seem like a small thing but regular check-ups are vital for every person. A regular checkup of your body will help to detect early signs of any diseases. This will lead to identifying the potential risks and tending to them as early as possible. Making the essential changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise, will help to mitigate health risks and create peace of mind.

5. Drink More Water

Coffee is fine but maintaining a healthy lifestyle also includes drinking an adequate amount of water. Rather than having a cup of coffee or tea on the table, have a bottle of water that will not only quench your thirst but hydrate your body throughout the day. Water is like fuel to your body that is much more essential than food. To replenish the lost fluids, it is essential to drink 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water per day.

6. Sticking to a Schedule

We all know how essential it is to eat your medicine on time as per the instructions from our doctor but do we know that the same applies to our workout sessions too? When people are in their 40s, they tend to lose muscle mass which makes it a challenge to preserve lean muscle mass. That is why, it is very important to keep a fixed schedule that works for you and your body.

7. Avoid Overloading On Protein

Researchers have found that muscle growth is not directly proportional to more proteins, rather muscle growth happens with the help of strength training, not with extra protein. These additional proteins tend to get stored in the form of fat or used up as energy which can do more harm to the body than good. So now is the time to get back to work and evaluate the diet for those sneaky extra proteins.

8. Move Forward

It is human behavior to compare themselves to their old self when they might be younger, perhaps thinner than present and also stress-free than present. All these factors make them wish to go back to their old self. While it is not possible to time travel and make things right so that you stay in the same shape the one thing that you can do is to accept it and let it go as a beautiful past and move forward with new energy and new life perspective. You are not going to be the same young self and energetic like that in your 20s, because energy does not come from going back to the same body but accepting your current version and working on it to improve the overall aspects of being healthy.

9. Practice Good Gut Health

Staying fit in your 40s means bidding adios to severe health issues and old age problems. To stay healthy, the primary thing to address is the gut health. In this 20 to 30 years of lifespan, we might have consumed a heavy amount of fast food, might have stress from the daily work life and might have taken multiple antibiotics which lead to damage to our gut. But better late than never, we still have the chance to heal and improve our gut health with the help of probiotics, glutamine and other supplements. Additionally keeping a fixed schedule for your eating times might help as well which would have gone wrong in your previous busy work-life schedule.

10. Good Sleep

From being a kid to adults, we are always asked to sleep early and complete the 7-8 hours need of sleep. There should never be less time allotted to sleep. As precious as sleep is for all people, they are essential in keeping, maintaining and promoting good mental health, physical health and quality of life especially when we reach the mid-40s. This timeline is crucial in order to keep diseases and allergies at bay. If there is not enough sleep in your timeline, then they might even increase the risk of heart disease, and diabetes and cause your energy level to hit the bottom.


It all depends on our willpower, whether we want to feel as young as ever irrespective of age or go down and down as the age plummets us. Everything can be done and achieved as long as we are willing to do it. Another secret and final tip is to reward yourself. Getting up, following a routine and indulging in activities to keep your body fit and fine needs a reward. The reward of relaxing your body, soul and mind by booking a spa or dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant. With this final tip, we wish you a happy 40s!