Diet for Toddlers

As we are aware, infants can’t digest most of food till 4-6 months, so once Infants are ready for solid goods and they have double their birth weight, they can sit in high chair and can swallow food which usually happens after six months.

Take your time and meet our Reg Clinical Dietician Geetanjali Mengi who introduces new foods like rice cereal, vegetables, fruits, higher protein foods.

The energy exertion of a toddler is very high compared to the food he/she is willing to eat.

Following a balanced diet for toddler is very crucial as every macro nutrient, micro nutrient, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat is important for the child growth.

According to Geetanjali, the diet plan for toddlers, are to be made meticulously and carefully and she suggest that, the toddlers should be exposed to all kinds of food so that they get all kinds of nutrients.

The eating habits of every child is different, hence the diet charts are customized according to the taste and nutritional needs of the toddler. Geetanjali medical nutrition clinic is very conscious about the toddler’s health and take utmost care to prepare their diet regime.

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