You can do NEFT, Pay U money, By cash & Credit and debit cards.

Yes, you can pay in installments via EMI through Credit card. You have to speak to the customer care support for your credit card.

You can again pay via Bank NEFT or Pay U money, once the money gets reflected, we will start working on your programs.

We have lots of national & international clients, who consult us via phone, video conferencing, Skype & we have call back service. All the queries are addressed via email or on phone. Once we get all the medical reports & we get to check BMI with all the parameters, we prepare the diet chart* which is mailed & further, we are constantly in touch depending upon the package they have taken.


Personalized, customization and our Registered dietitians will take you to our clinic.

For the first time, we can take 60 min’s to 120 mins as depends upon your medical history and other factors. For follow ups, we can take 30 to 45 minutes.

At GMN Clinic under the supervision of registered dietitians, you can lose a very good weight* with no side effects and complete smile on your face. We completely believe in natural weight loss.

Our diet structure is planned in such a way that you will neither feel weakness and nor hunger. All the parameters are considered after diagnosing your body and medical history.

There won’t be any effect on your skin and face. NO WRINKLES…

After going through your medical reports, we set diet plan for you.

Yes, Geetanjali meets all her clients personally. She tries to meet all the clients for follow ups also. she will meet as per the appointment taken by client. Even if the client program is not getting desired results, she personally takes that care & makes the point that the client achieves the result*.

Our offers for a day, week, month can be seen on our website www.gmnclinic.com

Yes, our offers comes on Facebook page. we request our clients to join our “Right Diet” group and avail day to day discounts and offers.

After your confirmation mail for e-clinic programs, we send you the invoice and you have to pay us according to your package. You can ask for a phone call or video conferencing and our e clinic team starts working on your diet plan, which is also mailed on your given email id. If you have any queries, our team will take your calls & sort out all your queries, depending upon the packages.

According to the science of nutrition, strict starving diet can’t sustain your weight loss for long time, so we provide a well balanced diet. Our diet plan prescribed goes along well with the food cooked at home. You don’t need to do any efforts. You have to go through our plans and programs.

Since we have three clinics, so we need 4-5 days for confirmation.

In health care industry, there is no guarantee of losing weight, but yes we promise that if you rigorously with positive mind follow our diet advice, you will achieve your goal*.

Yes, we have maintenance program. After you achieve your goal, our maintenance program helps you to maintain your weight*.

We don’t have trial session. Any program needs 30 days to give you results.

No, we don’t give nor we recommend any type of medicines.

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