Slims & Sleek Diet

It is the dream of every woman to get a flat stomach and slim waist. Contradictory to this, reducing the tummy fat and waistline is extremely arduous. Exercise is the best way to reduce the waistline but following a customised diet can be fruitful. How to lose weight is a question that has numerous answers and suggestions attached to it. But when it comes to tummy reduction especially for slim people, expert advice is required. We at Geetanjali medical nutrition clinic have in house nutritionists and dieticians who are experts in their field. They guide you in the most professional way according to your body type and style of living. The sleek diet program is mostly preferred by women and hence, it is crucial that there is no reduction in the nutritional intake.
Eating about 1500 calories per day is the first step towards a slim body. But the diet has to be balanced with less fat, moderate proteins and carbohydrates. Totally avoiding one type of nutrient is not advised by any good dietician as they lead to craving and makes the body bloat even more. Slim sleek body is a dream of every woman and it becomes a simple reality with the help of proper exercise and perfect diet from experts like Geetanjali.

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