Dimensions of Wellness

Today, wellness has become trendy and young generation flaunts this lifestyle. Staying healthy is important and if you enjoy being healthy and keep on working in that particular direction then you are eligible to enjoy the healthy lifestyle.

You should give priority to wellness in your life if you want to stay healthy and wealthy always. Now I’m sure that you must be thinking that why we mentioned ‘wealthy’ word above. Let us clear all your queries. If you learn to stay healthy through natural ways then you are going to save your hard-earned money. An unhealthy body gives open invitation to medicines, doctors and other advisors. So, you are going to save all your money only by taking care of your health.

Wellness doesn’t means that you are looking beautiful from outside but feeling worse from inside. Wellness is a complete package that makes your body healthy not only from outside but also from inside.

According to Dietitian Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi wellness is not a process as it is a life-long journey and we all should travel this journey so that we reach to our destination in a healthy way.

With her 19+ years of experience she is solving the problems of an individual who is suffering from any type of health issues. You won’t believe that she has served 14500 clients and has presence in 44+ countries till today. Keep encouraging yourself and your family members to take care of their health as it is an Asset and we all should preserve it through our life-time.

If you want that your surroundings should support you then you have to take the initial step towards it. Make a habit of purchasing only healthy products from the market and if you can’t control your emotions then try to stay at home and enjoy home cooked food.

Dimensions of Wellness are as follows-

Physical Wellness

Your physical wellness alone takes the responsibility to fight against the body aches and it also solves other health issues. So, it is better to start nourishing your health and spend some time with Yoga and meditation.

Emotional Wellness

In Emotional Wellness you will learn to accept your feelings and with this you will be able to understand the thought process of others too.

Social Wellness

In Social Wellness you will connect with new people and communities in meaningful ways.

Environmental Wellness

Environment plays a vital role in keeping you healthy as it monitors the human actions and it will also improve the overall personality of an individual.

Spiritual Wellness

Here you will learn to stay in peace in adverse situations and you will also understand the reason of your existence. Spiritual Wellness purifies you from inside and it awakes your positive energy.

Financial Wellness

A healthy body itself becomes wealthy and it starts attracting money. A healthy body stays active and it can concentrate more on his work rather than on its poor health conditions. Financial Wellness keeps an individual away from the medicines and other expenses.

Diet & Nutrition

Food provides energy and nutrients to the body and it can improve the health, manage disease and it reduces the risk of disease. A healthy diet has the ability to protect the body from all the heart diseases and it can also save the person from cancer.

Unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity may give rise to global risks to health. So, if you want to stay healthy always then you should shift yourself from unhealthy diet to healthy diet.

You should include healthy diet in your daily routine and it will keep you healthy for long-run.

Healthy diet can keep you away from Diseases

We all know that “Too much of everything is bad” whether it is sugar or salt. Our health is made of balanced diet and if we only give it sugary products or salty products then it will become unhealthy and it starts capturing different types of diseases.

So, if you don’t want that diseases should stay in your body permanently that you should give emphasis on healthy eating habits. Your motivation can do nothing if you have the habit of eating junk foods at any time of the day. Change your habit and be alert while making your choices with the food.

A healthy diet is the strongest tool and it helps you to stay away from several health conditions. If you want to solve your health conditions naturally then a healthy diet will surely help you out that too in all possible and impossible ways.

To make you understand let me clear your doubts-

A healthy diet will kick away the obesity from your body and with this your body will also stay away from various types of health risks such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and many more health issues can’t dare to touch you.

Healthy nutrients will keep you healthy always and it will affect your mood also.

Right amount of calcium can make your unhealthy brittle bones healthy once again.

Your health is an asset so take very good care of yourself and make sure that all your choices should be healthy. Don’t compromise with your health as this is the only place where you have to stay till your last breath.

Make time for yoga daily. Start with 5 minutes and then take it to 30 minutes. Your healthy routine will keep you healthy always and your body will give you its complete support so that you can work for long hours without tiring.



Final Words

Dietitian Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi is a well-known corporate speaker as she is aware of the health conditions of the employees who work for long-hours without any movement. With her 19+ years of experience she has solved problems of many individuals who are working in companies and factories.

Under her guidance many individuals have improved their health conditions and got rid of serious health diseases. If you want to stay healthy then this piece of work is for you. For personalized services you can always reach to us and we will solve your health issues easily.